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Denture Stabilization

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The Better Alternative to Dental Adhesives

Some of the most common complaints about dentures include being unable to eat certain foods and feeling the dentures slipping and moving around in your mouth. Moreover, most denture wearers are not fans of the dental adhesives used to keep their false teeth in place. Many find that these products have slightly odd tastes.

Luckily, there’s a better option for denture wearers looking for something more reliable but who can’t afford high-end dental implants: denture stabilization.

Understanding Denture Stabilization

Dentures supported by dental implants have become more popular in recent years. In addition to stabilizing the denture, the implant helps preserve bone tissue around it.

Stabilizing dentures can help patients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Restoring the ability to chew improves digestion and overall health
  • Easier to speak and maintain conversations
  • They fit better and feel more comfortable than traditional dentures
  • Patients no longer experience gum irritation and mouth sores

How Does it Work?

Denture stabilization is the process of inserting implants into the jaw to hold dentures firmly in place. Regular dentures rest on top of the gums and do not have a root that connects them to the jaw. Even if the patient doesn’t have teeth in that jaw, there may be enough bone present to allow for implant placement. Implants placed into the jawbone will help prevent further loss of bone tissue.

As the dentures are firmly anchored in place, you will no longer feel as if they are moving around. This is sometimes accomplished by clipping attachments from the dentures onto attachments on implants. Patients may also prefer a procedure that results in fixed dental crowns or bridgework, as opposed to removable dentures with attachments—which the patient can take out.

Missing Teeth Should Never Be Ignored—Here’s Why:

Some people choose not to have their missing teeth replaced due to financial or time constraints. However, having those gaps filled as soon as possible is crucial to avoid further problems.

There are several disadvantages to living with missing teeth, including:

  • Difficulty speaking and eating
  • Disintegrating facial structure
  • It makes patients look older
  • Lowers self-esteem

Are you looking for more information about denture stabilization? Schedule a visit with one of our Long Beach dentists today and explore your options.


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