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Dental Bonding in Long Beach

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What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding, or teeth bonding, uses a special dental resin to restore a damaged tooth in a matter of minutes. The resin is made to blend in with the natural color of your tooth and then shaped to restore your tooth to its former appearance. While this is extremely popular as a way to enhance the cosmetic aspects of a patient’s smile, it can also provide increased stability to the treated tooth’s structure. This added strength makes the tooth more durable and resistant to future damage while making it look better at the same time.

Key Benefits of Dental Bonding

  • Repair minor damage (cracks, chips, etc.) to teeth
  • Protect your oral health and smile
  • Can be completed in a single visit in under half an hour
  • Quality at a reasonable price
  • Improve multiple cosmetic aspects of a treated tooth

The Process for Getting a Tooth Bonding

First, your dentist will prepare the tooth to be treated. This may involve cleaning it and rougher the surface slightly for the bonding material to adhere to it better. Once your teeth have been prepared, your teeth are etched to help the enamel create small crevices. This allows the resin to bond to your teeth more comfortably. After applying the resin, a high-intensity light is focused on the area to accelerate the drying process. Finally, the resin is polished to look similar to your natural teeth. After all this, the result is a beautifully renewed smile within a matter of minutes. From start to finish, the bonding treatment typically takes only about half an hour per tooth, and many patients can have more than one tooth bonded per visit.

When Can I See the Results?

Results are immediate after the dental bonding procedure from the moment you walk out of our office. However, you may need to avoid chewing for a few hours if you had any anesthetic and wait for it to wear off. You can enjoy your newly restored teeth right away, and with proper care, the results of your teeth bonding should last for several years. However, it will be important to maintain healthy habits, such as cleaning your teeth at home and avoiding foods or drinks that can stain or wear down your teeth. It will also be vital to adhere to your routine dental visit schedule, coming into our office twice a year for checkups and cleanings. These not only keep you healthier, but they will help you get the longest enjoyment out of your bonded teeth.

Getting Teeth Bonding in Long Beach

If you’re looking for quality and affordable dental work in Long Beach, look no further than our office. Our team of skilled dental professionals have years of experience in providing quality cosmetic dental treatments to patients of all ages. Contact Innovative Smiles in Long Beach for dental bonding that can transform your smile, boost your confidence, and last for years to come. Use our online form or call our office to set up a time for your next visit and give your smile the care it deserves.


Patient Testimonials

“Great Dentist and nice brand new dental clinic 🙂 Next door is also tax office so I try to combine both appointments to have both important things done at the same time. It's also convenient located and lots of parking!”

\ AirbnbAssistantCOM. (Google)

“Very clean and modern facility. Doctors and staff are helpful and attentive. Thank you!”

\ Justin F. (Google)

“The procedure was such a breeze and they were so right. From the surgeon to the assistant I can’t recommend this place enough to calm all your nerves and dental anxiety.”

\ Charisma B. (Google)

"Jeanine and the staff were very helpful and patient with me! The atmosphere here is very peaceful and relaxing, which really helped me with my dental anxiety."

\ Kelly M. (Google)


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