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Dental bonding is easily one of our most popular restorative dentistry procedures. Not only does it work completely non-invasively and pain-free. But it also offers an instant cover-up of the worst cosmetic blemishes on the teeth. It should come as no surprise, then, that patients visiting their Long Beach dentist office for the first time want to learn more about this low-impact treatment. Below we cover the top 3 benefits of dental bonding restoration.

3 Benefits of Dental Bonding Restoration

We are taking the time to address your questions about dental bonding and discuss all of the advantages it can bring to anyone looking to improve their oral health. Below, we will list the top 3 benefits of dental bonding restoration. With this, you can see why patients continue to sign up for this treatment.

Improve Your Cosmetic Appearance

There exists nothing better than receiving a brand-new set of teeth for a fraction of the cost – and without any surgery required. Accordingly, dental bonding describes a tooth-colored resin applied to the front of the tooth. Doing so covers up any cracks or small blemishes there. Subsequently, we dry the bonding with a UV light, securing this shield against your natural teeth.

Dental bonding quite literally can shape a brand new row of front teeth, giving you the appearance you’ve always wanted. Still, maybe you find yourself looking to fix any cosmetic blemishes that you can see every time you smile in front of the mirror. Then now can prove the perfect chance to do so without having to go through extensive surgery.

Get Rid of Stains

Did you know that your teeth get stained over time? The more you eat and drink, the more likely you are to get gray or yellow stains on your teeth. This is known as discoloration, and it comes in two different forms. Extrinsic stains can be cleaned by our in-office tooth whitening treatments, which use a bleaching agent to lift the stains right out of your teeth.

Intrinsic stains, however, remain a little more difficult to get out. If you cannot lift these deep-seated stains with a whitening treatment, you can opt into dental bonding and cover up those stains right away. If you want to treat more than just the surface of your teeth by completely covering up your blemishes, then this might end up the perfect procedure for you.

Boost Your Confidence About Your Looks

Your tooth cracks and chips might cause you to feel a little self-conscious. If it proves harder for you to look in a mirror or smile for the camera, you can use dental bonding to completely change the way your front teeth look. Aside from covering up stains and cracks, this ends up a good opportunity to correct misalignments and straighten up any part of your mouth that appears asymmetrical.

By having this control over the shape, size, and appearance of your teeth, you sett yourself up for a lifetime of success. You can talk with your expert dental team about your ideal dental image and we will create a bonding plan that transforms your goals into a reality.

Get Same-Day, In-Office Dental Bonding Treatment Today

At Innovative Smiles, we offer a number of helpful services and treatments to boost your oral health for life. Anyone interested in signing up for our unique, customizable sessions of dental bonding near you in Long Beach can look forward to a better smile after one in-office treatment. Using our pain-free procedure, we can apply dental bonding to change the shape and appearance of your teeth, instantly brightening your smile from the inside out. Reach out to any one of our experts today to learn more about what dental bonding can do for you.

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