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Braces are often associated with teenagers, but a significant number of adults also undergo the process of getting braces. They are a helpful orthodontic tool for anyone looking to straighten out their teeth and brighten their smile. Below, we cover the top 5 tips for the first week of braces.

Top 5 Tips for the First Week of Braces

Understanding and managing the effects of braces can be straightforward, but it is still important to understand exactly what to do while you are still adjusting to your new dental devices. Our expert dentists in Long Beach are here to provide valuable insights for managing the first week with braces, enabling a smooth transition into this dental transformation. Check out our top 5 tips for the first week of braces so you aren’t caught unprepared during this journey.

Personalize Your Braces Choice

Before undergoing the process, you have the total freedom to select braces that align with your lifestyle. Invisible aligners like Invisalign, for instance, offer a removable and easily maintainable option. Traditional metal braces may help you stay committed to your dental health in the long run by permanently fixing your misaligned teeth.

Opting for these options can help you more easily move through your day, whether or not your braces are visible to the world. Invisalign helps adults feel confident while going on their dental journey. Alternatively, traditional metal braces, though more robust, demand adherence to specific care instructions for maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

Avoid Sticky Foods and Inedible Objects

You should be careful of hard and sticky foods when you are wearing any type of braces. Whether metal, ceramic, or invisible aligners, certain foods have the potential to cause damage to your brand-new aligners. Corn on the cob, for instance, can lodge in hard-to-reach spots on your teeth, making it difficult to remove without expert help. When uncertain about dietary choices, opting for soft foods is generally a safe choice to avoid damage to your braces.

During the first few weeks of wearing braces, your teeth may experience heightened sensitivity. So it’s important to steer clear of chewing on non-food items or hard objects. Utilizing your teeth to open bottles or pry off lids can cause serious damage to your braces, which you will cost a lot of money to fix.

Schedule Regular Check-ins with Your Orthodontist

Regular visits with your orthodontist should be scheduled as frequently as possible. Your dentist will discuss what to expect as you get used to your braces and as they start to adjust over time. You may need to get your braces re-tightened every few weeks, so make sure to keep your calendar open for your ortho. Although it might not feel like your teeth are in motion, they can undergo significant changes in a short span of time. Your orthodontist will monitor the progress of your teeth, aiming to catch any issues early.

Think about visiting your orthodontist at least once every 1 – 2 months to have your braces tightened and adjusted. Regular check-ins with your orthodontist are vital to ensure you’re progressing towards optimal dental health. Neglecting this could result in damage that may become irreversible or very expensive.

Maintain Exceptional Dental Hygiene

Are you aware that it’s crucial to brush your braces as well as your natural teeth? Even though it might not seem necessary to scrub metal with your toothbrush, it’s highly recommended to avoid the risk of dental disease. Bacteria, plaque, and tartar can accumulate on your braces just as they do on your actual teeth. If you’re experiencing bad breath despite regular brushing, this could be the cause.

While reaching some parts of the mouth may prove challenging, it’s essential to dedicate time to brushing your teeth daily. Consider carrying your toothbrush when traveling so you don’t forget to tend to your needs on a regular basis. Brushing at least twice a day and using mouthwash rinse are vital practices to get rid of germs and keep the smile bright.

Request Wax at the Dentist’s Office

If you wear traditional braces and find the metal ends occasionally protruding and causing discomfort, it’s wise to invest in orthodontic wax. This wax is a soft and malleable substance that you can place in your mouth to stop the wires from poking your cheeks. Your dentist can provide this material, helping create a smooth surface between the wire and your mouth. It acts as an instant pain reliever, proving invaluable when sudden pain strikes. Obtain oral wax at your orthodontist’s office at any time.

Embrace the Power of Braces Today

For those seeking to permanently gain a straighter smile, we recommend exploring the numerous benefits of our customized braces in Long Beach. It may take a couple of weeks to adjust to your new orthodontic devices. But as long as you follow the steps given by your dentist, you can completely transform your smile for the better. Learn more by contacting our Innovative Smiles experts today!

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