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Cosmetic Dentistry Matters for Your Dental Health Too

Dentist Long Beach 9 Team 9 Cosmetic Dentistry Matters for Your Dental Health Too
Cosmetic dentistry is not just about making your smile more stunning; it can also improve your oral health. If you have missing or misshapen teeth, a cosmetic dentist can help restore your smile’s natural beauty. Cosmetic dentists also offer many treatments designed to improve the health of your mouth and gums, including:

Inlays and Onlays

Dental inlays and onlays provide immediate smile-improving benefits by supporting and conserving the structure of decayed or damaged teeth. They are made of porcelain, ceramic or composite resin and can be used to repair a chipped tooth or fill in a large cavity. Inlays and onlays are bonded to the tooth’s surface with dental cement so they won’t slip out over time like other filling materials.


You might consider getting dental veneers if your teeth are chipped, gapped, or extremely discolored. They can be used to correct almost any concern with your smile. Veneers are very thin laminates that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They’re very popular because they give you a beautiful smile in just a few visits.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a fast, simple procedure that can be used to fill gaps or chips in your teeth, correct the alignment of your bite, and even change the color of your smile. The procedure only takes about an hour and is virtually painless. A composite resin material is applied directly to your tooth and hardened with a special light. The result is a natural-looking tooth that’s stronger than natural enamel.

Teeth Whitening

At Innovative Smiles, we offer professional teeth whitening that can make your pearly whites up to ten shades brighter than with at-home kits. Our treatment takes under an hour, and results are visible immediately. The procedure is safe and effective, providing you with a beautiful smile that’s sure to impress.

Are You Ready for Your Best Smile?

A beautiful, bright smile can make you feel good about yourself. A person’s smile can communicate a great deal about that individual, from personality to professionalism. Even minor improvements to your smile can make all the difference in how you look and feel.

At Innovative Smiles in Long Beach, we strive to offer our patients the best cosmetic dentistry treatments available. When you schedule an appointment with our team, we will work together to determine which treatments best meet your needs. Connect with our staff of smiling faces today!


If you are ready to experience the Innovative Smiles difference, call to schedule an appointment today. Our skilled team is eager to craft the smile of your dreams.

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